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RITUA OIL palo santo body oil

RITUA OIL palo santo body oil

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Palo santo resin infused oil blended with maracuja, argan, sunflower flower, & radish seed oils. Ritua oil has a silky texture and absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft & scented. A unique blend of essential oils and natural aromatics create a smoky, incense, fragrance with notes of green citrus peel, jungle floor, & pink peppercorn.

Ingredients include:

Argan oil - Argan oil is considered the “liquid gold” of the skin world. High in antioxidant omega 6 fatty acids and anti-aging linoleic acids, argan oil moisturizes skin and repairs damage from environmental stresses. It also contains a large dose of omega 9 fatty acids and vitamin A that renew and refresh skin. It has twice the amount of vitamin E than most other vegetable oils.

Maracuja oil - Maracuja oil comes from the Amazonian passion fruit tree. It is known as a miracle oil because it: rebuilds and repairs skin, soothes redness, improves elasticity, tone, & texture, & boosts collagen production. 

Directions for Use: After shower or bath, massage a small amount into skin while still slightly damp. Massage in small strokes starting at hands and feet and move towards the heart. Can be applied as needed for extra dry skin, but performs best with some moisture on skin.


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